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‘A crunch, a munch, a jingle’ Film to be shot in Cheboygan


Tribune correspondent

CHEBOYGAN – Haynze Whitmore is bringing his own slice of Hollywood to Cheboygan this winter with his feature film 'Crepitus.'

With a planned run time of roughly 108 minutes, 'Crepitus' tells the story of two young children with an abusive mother who move into their grandfather’s old house only to discover a horrific killer clown waiting to terrorize them.

Whitmore collaborated with Atlanta-based Eddie and Sarah Renner in order to write the screenplay for the film, which has been in the works for the past two years. Having studied film at Academy Art University in San Francisco, Calif., Whitmore has experience directing short films and is excited to make his debut feature film.

“We thought about making the film in Atlanta, but my producer Lance Paul, said ‘Why don’t we make it in Michigan,’ and I immediately agreed and decided to come home to shoot it,” said Whitmore.

The cast and crew will bring a range of professionals to town and includes cult classic horror actor Bill Mosley ('Halloween,' 'Army of Darkness,' 'The Devil’s Rejects') playing the creepy clown Crepitus. Raiden Moore, who has appeared on the Syfy show Haven, will also take on a lead role. Seasoned special effects supervisor, Scott Kodrik ('Batman and Robin,' 'Godzilla') will also bring his expertise and knowledge to the heavily effects reliant production.

Cheboygan native Caitlin Williams will make her silver screen debut taking on a major role in the film.

“I would love to do this (acting) for a living. If you do what you love, you never have to work a day in your life,” said Williams, as she excitedly prepped for a preview scene that Whitmore was setting up.

The film’s main location is in local business owner Erin DeFrain’s house where she operates Re-Souled, a business dedicated to designing, restoring, and repurposing furniture as well as creating original works of art. The bright red house, with a vibrantly blue door, will serve as a fitting space occupied by a clown.

Whitmore hopes to create a truly terrifying film that breaks the stereotypical clichés of mainstream horror-cinema.

“I think this will be the most terrifying film I ever direct,” said Whitmore, as he ominously sipped on his cup of coffee; leaning enthusiastically across a table at Your Spirit, Your Place.

With hopes for the community to rally around the production, Whitmore is offering local businesses a chance for product placement in the film. Williams Office Equipment is one business that has already has partnered with Whitmore to include placement of one of their trucks in the film.

Whitmore spoke with much emotion at his hopes to energize the artistic community in Cheboygan by shooting this film, which may begin production as soon as September. The majority of the film will be shot in the winter months, mostly in January, and continue into the spring of 2017. With plans to finished post production next summer, Whitmore hopes to distribute the film next fall, which will include a premiere and red-carpet event at the Kingston Theater.

“If we get a big theatrical


Haynze Whitmore films Caitlin Williams in a preview scene for the movie “Crepitus,” which will be shot in Cheboygan this winter. JON CLARK/TRIBUNE CORRESPONDENT

Williams and Whitmore stand in front of local business ReSouled, the main location of “Crepitus.”


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